International Conference
Lithuanian University of Agriculture, Akademija, Kaunas, Lithuania, 21-23 November 2007
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21 November 2007
Lobby of 1st floor

1. A study of friction of textured surface. B. Antoszewski
2. Research into Wear of Welded Hard Layers. V.Jankauskas, V.Varnauskas, A.V.Valiulis, R.Kreivaitis
3. Characterization of Grooves in Scratch Resistance Testing. W.Brostow , W.Chonkaew and L.Rapoport
4. Polymer reinforcement with surface treated metallic microparticles. W.Brostow, E.Buchman and O.Olea-Mejia
5. Microhardness of Multiphase Polymer Based Systems. I.Elksnīte, M. Kalnins, R. Meri, V. Kalkis, A.K. Bledzki
6. Chitosan Based Systems for Coating of Foodstuffs. G.Kerch, J.Zicans, R.Merijs Meri, I.Bockov
7. Diffusion Characteristics of Heterogeneous Polyvinylchloride (PVC) Blends with Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE) for Manufacture of Effective Coating/Barrier Materials. T.Ivanova, I.Elksnīte, J.Zicans, M.Kalnins, R.Maksimovs
8. Structure of Carbon Films Deposited at Atmospheric Pressure. L.Marcinauskas, V.Valinčius, A.Grigonis, P.Valatkevičius
9. The Influence of Oil Amixtures on Tribological Properties of the Water Base Hydraulic Fluid. L.Shabalinskaya
10. Evaluation of Tribological Gears Behavior under Load. S.Cananau
11. Multiscale Strain Localization in Subsurface Layers of Metals in Sliding Wear. S.Tarasov, S.Belyaev
12. Static and Kinetic Friction Coefficient for Selected Polymers. B.Siepracka, J.Szumniak
13. An Influence of Countner-Sample Material and Enviroment Humidity on Tribological Properties of Polymer Friction Composites. B.Siepracka, J.Szumniak, S.Stawarz, T.Pasteruk
14. The Rise of Durability of Earth-Moving Machine end Effector Components. S.S.Gryadunov
15. The Using of the Wood - Metal Composite Materials for the Manufacturing of the Friction Bearing Inserts. E.V.Sheveleva, O.V.Sidorov, E.V.Alexeyeva
16. The Technological Bases of Producing the New Antifriction Wood-Metal Materials. Е.А.Pamfilov, О.V.Sidorov, Е.V.Sheveleva, Е.V.Alexeyeva
17. Influence of Tribological Factors on Gage Widening. I.V.Marinin
18. Simulation of Tribodynamical Processes. L.I.Evelson, E.A.Pamfilov, M.Y.Rafalovskaia
19. The Modelling of Friction and Wear of Tools for non Metal Materials Treatment. A.M.Buglaev, М.K.Мahrov
20. Restoration of a Working Condition of the Engine without its Disassembly. V.I. Balabanov, S.A. Ishchenko
21. Modelling of an Electrometric Friction Damper Featuring Pressure-Dependent Friction Coefficient. Chih-Hung G. Li, Szu Wei Wang
22. Friction and Scoring at Boundary Lubrication. P.V. Tikhomirov
23. Conditions of Maintenance of Stable Frictional Contact of Submitting Rollers Woodworking Machines. E.A.Pamfilov, G.A.Pilushina, V.I.Polosov
24. Search the Invariants in Tribology. S.V.Korotkevich, V.G.Pinchyk, O.V.Holodilov, V.F.Sholoh
25. Method of Struggle against the Destructions of Machine Details by operative Management of their Exploitation. A.A.Diuzhev, S.V.Korotkevich, N.F.Solovey, V.V.Kravchenko
26. Researches Regarding the Optimization of Nanofinishing Process by Modellation and Simulation. V.Avramescu, N.Ionescu, N.E. Avramescu, C.Dogariu, G.Orasanu, A.Visan, A.Dimon, R.Grejdanescu, L.T.Paun, C. H.Orasanu
27. The Tribotechnical Properties Control of Metallic Materials by Magnetic Fields. P.G.Pyrikov
28. Temperature Distribution and Thermal Stress of Ventilated Brake Disc using 3D FEM Model. P.Hwang, X.Wu,S.W.Cho, Y.B.Jeon


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