International Conference
Lithuanian University of Agriculture, Akademija, Kaunas, Lithuania, 21-23 November 2007
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21 November 2007
14:30 – 15:50 Room 201
Chairman: Prof. Peder Klit
Simulation of tribological processes

Atomic-Scale Tribology: Modeling Tribochemical Reaction and Friction by Quantum Chemical Methods. J.O.Koskilinna, M.Linnolahti, T.A.Pakkanen

Calculation of Oil Film Thickness from Damping Coefficients for a Piston Ring in an Internal Combustion Engine. J.Christiansen, P.Klit, A.Volund, J.-H.Hwang

Mathcad Software for Experimental Determination of the Rheological Parameters Characteristic for Fresh and Used Lubricants. I.Radulescu, A.V.Radulescu, T.Savu

Analysis of a Thrust Bearing with Flexible Pads Supported on Flexible Columns. K.Thomsen, P.Klit


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