International Conference
Lithuanian University of Agriculture, Akademija, Kaunas, Lithuania, 21-23 November 2007
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21 November 2007
16:20 – 18:00 Room 201
Chairman: Assoc. prof. Vytautas Vasauskas
Tribological materials

Calculation Methodology of Dry Sliding Bearing of Metal-Polymeric Reverse Friction Pair. R.Rukuiža, G.Ulozas

Magnetic Nanomaterials in the Use of Friction Problems. A.Amulevičius, K.Mažeika, R.Davidonis, A.Daugvila, J.Mačionis, Č.Sipavičius, J.Padgurskas

Influence of Surface Electromechanical Treatment on Parts Mechanical and Low Cycle Loading Characteristics. M.Daunys, V.Staponkus

The structurally-energy approach to modelling of damaging-resistance of materials in heterogeneous liquid mediums. L.Shabalinskaya, E. Denisov V. Gusev

The Influence of Laser Cutting Quality on the Friction of Workpieces. Č.Sipavičius, A.Amulevičius, K.Mažeika, J.Reklaitis, J.Padgurskas


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